Our apartments have 4-6 fully furnished single rooms; tenants share two bathrooms and one kitchen. 

For reasons of hygiene, there are no bedding sets in the rooms (pillows, quilts, sheets) – these may be booked in advance for a cleaning fee of 30.00 EUR.

The monthly rent amounts 270 EUR to 350 EUR including all utilities and must be paid at least 4 weeks in advance. The rooms are only available to course participants of the Heidelberger Pädagogium.

Room reservations must be made by signing the app. box on the registration form. The security (80.00 EUR), the course fees (310.00 EUR) and the advance payment for the rent (235.00 EUR) have to be credited to our account at least 4 

weeks before the course starts.




Cleaning: there is no cleaning staff - the residents are responsible for the apartment and each student gets an individual plan for weekly cleaning.

Because we are liable to pay the costs for the room in advance, you have to notify us of cancellation or postponement four weeks prior to arrival. After that period, reimbursement is not possible. On moving out, the rooms have to be impeccable and clean. 






To give students an idea of the living expenses in Germany, we have made up an example:Wohnzimmer

Course fees
Study materials
~ 30.00
Rent (all incl.)
~ 300.00
Health insurance
~ 200.00
Transportation  (train, tram, etc.)
~ 60.00
~ 930.00

This is the minimum amount of money necessary per month. Living costs certainly depend on one's personal lifestyle, but students should have no less than this amount available. Non EU-students with a language-course visa are not allowed to work in Germany!


Students with a room reservation can be met at the train or bus station and taken to their accommodation (during the day). There is a shuttle-service from Frankfurt Airport to Heidelberg:

pfeil rechts Shuttle-Service Frankfurt Airport FRA - Heidelberg

pfeil rechts Shuttle-Service Frankfurt/Hahn Airport - Heidelberg

pfeil rechts Shuttle-Service Baden/Karlsruhe Airport - Heidelberg

You will be given detailed information and a city map.

Arrivals are on the Sunday before the course starts (10.00 am – 6.00 pm) and departures on the Saturday after the course ended (10.00 am – 4.00 pm). On the day of arrival and during these hours we will pick up the students at the bus or main station and take them to their accommodation. This is a free service.

We will organize transportation for participants who arrive outside this time window (e.g. taxi) but they will have to pay for these extra costs (about 25.00 €).

Students are required to register with the Office of Foreign Affairs within one week on arrival. As this agency is in the vicinity, the Pädagogium can take care of the registration.

We are looking forward to having you here!

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